Varroa Mite Presentation Slideshow, Notes, and Resources

Last november 7 Scott gave a presentation to the Dane County Beekeeping Association about Varroa destructor, a parasite afflicting the European honeybee across the world. An audio recording was made, but due to technical difficulties (wrong microphone selected on recorder), it is not available. Instead, the notes with citations are available as well as links to a few resources for beekeepers.

Presentation and Notes


Tools for Varroa Management, Honey Bee Health Coalition — The best all-around resource for basic information on Varroa for beekeepers.

Managing Varroa, Food and Environment Research Agency — Another good resource from the UK.

“Biology and control of Varroa destructor,” Rosenkranz et al. 2009 — An excellent summary of the scientific study and knowledge base surrounding Varroa. Warning: Scientific reading ahead.

Varroa Mite Presentation Slideshow, Notes, and Resources